Day Changer (2014)

by Bellows

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released April 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Bellows Florida

From the Salty Western Coast to the Swampy Center of Florida Bellows draw their inspiration; weaving compositions, and painting sound-scenes with a likeness to the ebb and flow of the inevitable tides. Using texture and dynamic Bellows brings you along with them on an experiential journey through their live performance. ... more

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Track Name: The Path
Give it a chance
and seal it in stone
watch it fall off
the crumbling coast

Feed into the Light

Feel it divide
Calling into the night
Bodhisattva, come on
deliver and erode

Feed into the Light
Track Name: The Window
seamless fate; it's all we ask for
and heaven where we lay our hands
the only shame is we could go anywhere
but we're stuck in our heads

the ocean: sway.
you take my faith everyday

I won't ask you why 'cause
I feel like I owe you one
but I'm only asking you why 'cause
man I just know you too damn well
Track Name: Paper Trail
Not since I can remember
have they masked themselves
further and more beautiful than ever before

Trading wires for thought
Your eyes can be deceiving
don't forget what you've been taught
when judgement falls into your hands

You're hearing it now
more than ever before
now you've got control
of the lever you swore
you swore you'd never touch

patience is something
so use what you learn
catch up with reality
there's much more to discern
you're not stuck here anymore.
Track Name: Small Wonder
she is the power a sleek little cord
we'll plug her in and watch her work
she's a robot

spinning gears and plastic parts
her burning red LED heart
she's a robot

in the end it all turns round
cause gravity pulls everything down
as it cycles through and spheres fly by
the circles tend to coincide

silent signals are struck with a chord
we'll focus in and fight for work
we're all robots
simple, crazy, robots.

two way mirrors replace the parts
of the blinking red LED stars
they're all robots